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Free Yourself from the Past and Design Your Future Self

I know that I look quite young but I’m actually in my 30s and I have over a decade of experience as a certified coach and hypnotist


Sebastian Soul

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Services I Provide For My Clients

I can help you in these particular areas:

Create a New You

4-Week Hypnosis Coaching Program for designing your future self

4-Week Hypnosis Coaching Program to Design Your Future Self

You are worthy of living a better life as the New You

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Overcome Your Porn Addiction

4-Week Hypnosis Coaching Program to overcome your porn addiction and to start a new life

4-Week Hypnosis Coaching Program to Overcome Your Porn Addiction

I'm proud of you for taking this step

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Overcome Your Sexual Dysfunction

4-Week Hypnosis Coaching Program for overcoming your sexual dysfunction

4-Week Hypnosis Coaching Program for Overcoming Your Sexual Dysfunction

I invite yout to find out more

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My Credentials as a Coach & Hypnotist

— How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

Are you ready to finally change your life and design your dream future?

Ready to start?

I'm excited to coach you, support you, help you, guide you, motivate you and get to know you.

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

Make a decision
Nothing will change in your life until you make the decision to change yourself. Are you willing to take this step and to change in order to change your life?
Invest in your future
Is it really worth it to waste another year doing nothing, changing nothing, and NOT achieving the outcome you want to achieve?
Show Commitment
I'm committed to doing anything in my power to help you change your life, let go of what no longer serves you and design an amazing future for you. Are you as committed to your success as I am?
Transformation Completed
No matter if you choose to work with me in a 4-Week Hypnosis Coaching Program or if you choose individual Coaching Sessions or Hypnosis Sessions... I make sure that you experience the transformation you've always wanted.

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